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Using Your Noodle

Hello, neglected blog. See, what happened was I was super busy training for (and then running) a marathon (which was amazing, changed my life, etc.) except I thought I’d have all this free time when I was done and turns … Continue reading

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Pickled Onions

I started to work on a pizza dough shaping tutorial per Jana’s request but left my dough to rise far too long unattended- it quadrupled in size, overflowing the bowl, making my whole kitchen smell like a frat house basement … Continue reading

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Cold Brew Iced Coffee

It is perhaps Alanis-ironic, if not ironic-ironic, to start a blog about meals that freeze with something that is a)not a meal and b)not frozen, although it is at least served over ice.  But I know Teri and I will … Continue reading

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