Turkey Day Minus Eight: Pie Crust

Nathan has been asking me to make cookies for a billion years, and while I have a batch of Nigella’s butter cookie dough in the freezer, I am a mere three pounds away from my Weight Watchers goal and am not going near that dough til I hit it.

However, the part of cookies that he likes is eating the dough (me too, kid, me too) so I offered him the alternative of helping me make pie dough instead. He agreed, so we’re making the pie dough from The Gift Of Southern Cooking this afternoon, and I’ll wrap it and freeze it until the day before Thanksgiving. (Pie dough, like cookie dough, freezes perfectly but I also wrap it in a billion layers of saran wrap before putting it in a ziploc because I am paranoid about it picking up freezer flavors. So it’s not the most environmentally friendly thing to freeze, but it is a time saver.)

This year I’m just making a chocolate pecan pie and having my in-laws bring over a pumpkin pie. I feel like I need a third dessert but can’t think of what- I have a chocolate bundt cake that’s super easy, or a pumpkin cheesecake that I love which is not super easy. Or maybe I’ll finally defrost that cookie dough and let Nathan cut out a bunch of turkey cookies.

What desserts are on your Thanksgiving menu this year?

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