Turkey Day Minus Nine: Packaged Foods

Every time I’ve done Thanksgiving I’ve made my own dinner rolls, because I am a masochist. This year I finally realized what my mother has always known, which is that dinner rolls are one area where you can’t improve that much on frozen so why bother?

Which is why I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, to pick up a few trays of Sister Schubert‘s (if I am going to do store boughten, I’m going to get the store boughten dinner rolls Julia Reed recommends, at least) rolls and was thrilled to discover a whole ginormous end cap full of nothing but Pepperidge Farm her seasoned stuffing mix. My grandmother’s stuffing recipe is half cornbread, half Pepperidge Farm mix, and every Thanksgiving I check Ralphs and Vons and elsewhere and can never find it, and my stuffing never tastes exactly like my mom’s. Clearly I should have been checking Wal-Mart all along.

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