Crockpot Then Freeze For Double the Convenience

Cooking Light ran this recipe for soy and cola braised pork shoulder this month and I am blogging just to make sure you try it. Make these two modifications: use Mexican Coke, if you can find it, or Trader Joe’s or the hippie cane sugar sweetened cola of your choice (or just use regular Coke if you don’t care about high fructose corn syrup) and cook it for 3 or 4 hours, not the 1 hour 50 minutes specified. You can probably go longer, even, and do it in either the crockpot or the oven.  Be sure to trim as much fat as possible off that pork shoulder and brown it before braising. (I cooked it in the oven so I didn’t dirty a dutch oven and my crock pot, but if you have to leave the house it’s worth the extra dishes.) And serve in a tortilla with cucumber and carrot shreds- one serving of the pork is enough for two sweet, porktastic tacos.

My husband, who is famously leftover-averse, requested these leftovers for lunch. It makes enough that half of will serve a family of four for dinner, with lunch leftovers the next day. The other half can go in the freezer (wait a day before freezing to skim off the excess fat).

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One Response to Crockpot Then Freeze For Double the Convenience

  1. Nora says:

    Made this yesterday and had to report back. I liked it a lot but Hap went crazy for it. And he’s kind of stingy with the compliments on my cooking but he said: “I’m so happy to be married to you right now” and then did a little dance around the living room. Anyway, they were a hit! Thanks for posting.

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