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And I haven't even made that mac and cheese with butternut squash yet.

If you don’t subscribe to Cooking Light, first of all what’s wrong with you, and second of all, run, don’t walk to the newsstand or grocery store check out line to pick up the September 2011 issue. Followers of my Dinner Tonight pinboard have noticed I’ve been cooking my way through it this month, and every recipe we’ve tried so far has been a keeper. Here they are, with the Weight Watchers Points Plus values included for those who care about such things.

Bacon and Egg Sandwiches with caramelized onions and arugula. I love, love, love me a fried egg sandwich, and adding bacon was kind of genius. Adding caramelized onion was double genius, and putting it on whole grain bread and adding a ton of arugula so it’s healthy-ish? Brilliant. I made this once for dinner and two more times that week for lunch. (7 WW points.)

Savory bread pudding with ham and cheddar. This was perfect for using up the leftover half of a whole grain loaf from those bacon egg sandwiches, so a good meal to plan in the same week as the sandwiches, and super duper easy. And cute if you cook them in ginormous ramekins. (7 WW points.)

Shrimp fettucine alfredo. This is maybe the only recipe in the issue I wouldn’t make again, but mainly because I’m not really an alfredo lover.(11 WW points.)

Chicken lettuce cups. I had strong doubts about this because I associate chicken lettuce cups with PF Chang’s and the idea of a non-Asian-y chicken lettuce cup seemed odd. Olives, artichoke, fresh mozzarella? In lettuce? It totally works. Instead of the orzo with spinach recommended on the side I cheated and used Trader Joe’s frozen polenta with carrots and spinach, which I highly recommend, and only party because I want it to be super popular and stay in stock. (8 WW points for the lettuce cups, 5 for the TJ’s frozen polenta.)

Chicken tostadas with avocado dressing. I feel like every month CL features a chicken tostada recipe (half the time on the cover, am I right?) and this was the month I gave in to peer pressure and tried it. Y’all, that avocado dressing is a new staple. (10 WW points.)

Mozzarella omelet with sage and red chile flakes. Go easy on the chile flakes if your husband is a delicate flower around spicy foods, but the mozzarella a)is a great way to use up leftover mozzarella from the chicken lettuce wraps and b)adds enough richness to the omelet that you don’t even notice you didn’t cook it in butter. Don’t tell Julia. (7 WW points.)

Buffalo chicken with blue cheese/buttermilk smashed potatoes. This is the meal that sent me straight to my computer to make sure the internet was aware of this issue of Cooking Light. I love me a buffalo wing, and these thighs will satisfy that buffalo craving without you even noticing they are not deep fried. The potatoes are more or less the Sally Schneider method for light buttermilk mashed potatoes, so you can’t really go wrong there. (Chicken + potatoes=11 WW P.)

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