Other Things Domestic

When we started this blog I ambitiously added an “In the Sewing Room” tag. A couple of years ago I was pregnant and bought a sewing machine because I was quite sure I was having a girl and was also quite sure having a girl meant spending all my free time sewing up precious frocks. (My friends with girls tell me that is not true so I guess it is good I had another boy.) Then I thought I would use my sewing machine on all sorts of Martha-esque domestic projects I could share with you all.

I was wrong, but I did do something! It only took over ten years to make this pillow, y’all. I got a cross stitch pattern back when I lived in Boston at the JFK Library- it was based on a needlepoint pillow President Kennedy had in his Oval Office, and I did it, and had the idea to make it into a pillow, and never did.

Then last year my mother sent me an old Laura Ashley jumper- she was cleaning out her house. And while I have fond memories of said jumper, I’m not about to wear it again, and have no daughters to force into it.

In our graduate student apartment in Escondido Village. Please note my mother is my current age in this picture. Also my awesome Swatch watch. (I'm on the far right.)

The jumper color kind of matched the cross stitch pattern so I thought I’d put them together. And I thought about it. For a good year. And finally…

A pillow!

I am particularly smug about how I kept the jumper detailing on the back.

And, that’s it. Likely the only craft post for another ten years or so from me.

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