Nature’s Perfect Food

That is what my Grandpa used to call eggs, citing the amount of digestible protein in each one. I am not a nutritionist, but I do know that I love eggs- for the taste and for the ease in which you can turn them into a meal. Eggs in a frame or eggs on toast are one of my default “must get dinner cooked in five minutes lest the children actually destroy the house with their wailing, Jericho-style” meals and also one of my favorite meals. I’ve been training for a marathon and have a fried egg on toast, splashed with pepper vinegar, after every long run. If you can run 18 miles and then prepare and eat something and still make it to church on time, it’s a quick meal.

In addition to fried eggs on toast, I also like to bake eggs, especially if I have leftover cooked spinach. A little spinach in a muffin tin, an egg and some breadcrumbs on top, and you’re good to go. So when I ran across this recipe for breakfast buttercups I thought, sure, I’ll try it, but I just figured it’d be another baked egg variation. But, y’all. When baking, the egg sinks into the toast, making it a custardy toast cup. It’s amazing. And if you use pre-shredded cheese (fold it inside of the ham or sprinkle it over the ham) it takes about two minutes to assemble. So you can prep them and pop them in the oven and then make your children run laps around the backyard til they’re ready. And the thrill of Breakfast for Supper is sometimes just what my kids need to change the mood when the witching hour gets especially witchy- my almost four year old was so blown away by the idea of a CUP made of TOAST that he totally forgot the tantrum he was throwing because I wouldn’t let him take playdough into his bed-turned-tent.

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