Pimento Cheese Chicken Salad

Or pimiento cheese chicken salad. I am not entirely sure which spelling is correct but both are delicious.

So, when I roasted all those pimentos I was mainly excited to keep them on hand for pimento cheese. I already make pretty much the best pimento cheese in the world and home roasted pimentos could only improve it. But when I sat down to make a batch this week, I realized I had also planned to make chicken salad, and while I did not wonder if that was too many mayonnaise-based salads for one week (there is no such thing, people) I did think, hey, I wonder what would happen if you combine the two?

The first batch I made was a dud. I used both mayonnaise and sour cream as a binder (mistake! use just mayonnaise) and I ate it right away (mistake! much as I make fun of Junior League cookbooks for always wanting you to leave things overnight for the flavors to meld, you really do need to let the flavors meld with this one), and I did not add any extra ingredients (mistake! I figured out adding a single slice of bacon, crumbled, enhanced the smoky-roasted flavor of the pimentos enormously).

For my second batch I corrected my mistakes and feel I am some sort of mayonnaise-based salad genius. Perfect on Triscuits, heartier than regular chicken salad in a tea sandwich, or even scooped into a lettuce leaf if you’re feeling old lady-ish, this is chicken salad with substance.

Pimento Cheese Chicken Salad

  • 1 1/2 cups roasted chicken meat, shredded
  • 1/2-3/4 cups mayonnaise, depending on how mayonnaise-y you like your salad (start with a half cup and see)
  • 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (I use a white cheddar for aesthetic purposes and used a fancy sage cheddar from my favorite cheese guy at the Farmer’s Market for smug foodie purposes, but any cheddar will do)
  • 1 roasted pimento pepper, diced (or a half jar of already diced pimentos)
  • 1 bacon slice, cooked crisp and crumbled
  • pepper (black and/or cayenne) to taste

Mix everything together in a big bowl.  Let sit in the fridge overnight. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Pimento Cheese Chicken Salad

  1. Gwen says:

    This sounds delicious! Can I convince you to post your recipe for pimento cheese as well?

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