Menu this week- 9/18-9/24

This Week at Casa Spector

Johanna was asking about meal planning so I thought I’d share this week’s menu.  It is a little chicken/beef heavy because some of the evenings are a little up in the air, so if I wind up changing plans the chicken doesn’t have to get defrosted the night before and I can do something else. Also, this is my second week making recipes out of this month’s EatingWell, which bodes well for that magazine.  Tonight Jeff and I are grilling steaks and artichoke and serving both w/lemon butter and some crusty whole wheat bread. I’ll use the leftover bread tomorrow night in this casserole tomorrow night (and I will be freezing half of the curried chicken thighs for a later date). Monday’s dish is just what it sounds like- polenta, baked with chopped olives and mozzarella on top (when Jeff is out I almost always have polenta or grits b/c he is a hater.) Tuesday is an old standby, Wednesday is from EatingWell again (and another one I will be freezing half of- am restocking the freezer this week), Thursday is an improv dish for one, and Friday rounds out the week with one more EatingWell/freeze half recipe.  And I still have a half dozen pages flagged in EatingWell..

(Also, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll have whatever vegetables look particularly good at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow- either sauteed or roasted- on the side.)

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