Supper now, supper later this week

This will have to be quick b/c I am headed out of town tonight.  One of the only things I like about Bon Appetit (which really, I will never forgive for replacing my beloved Gourmet in my mailbox) is the feature where they give one recipe and then show you a way to reuse the main ingredients in a different recipe later this week. In theory it cuts down on your prep time later that week, since half your meal is fixed already, and it overcomes one’s spouses violent prejudice against leftovers. (Maybe that is just my spouse. I love leftovers and usually just have them for my lunch, he is missing out.) In practice I’m usually underwhelmed by their actual suggestions. (The only thing I’ve liked in Bon Appetit so far is this q and a with Jonathan Adler, who may be my culinary soulmate. “Why are they not eating roast chicken? Isn’t that what everybody wants?”)
And wow, I really digressed.

Anyway. This week I made this chicken and rice casserole from Cooking Light (it’s chicken and rice week here at Freezes Beautifully, clearly) and since I don’t usually shop anywhere that sells individual skinless, bone-in chicken breasts, I went ahead and cooked a couple of chicken breasts. And used them in this superfast chicken posole last night. Easy as pie. (And the casserole was great, although I spiked up the leftovers with a healthy splash of pepper vinegar. My one year old ate an adult portion sans vinegar.)

I also have a whole collection of things to do with leftover roast chicken (see my feelings on roast chicken above, although now that my children- well, one of them, anyway- is eating his share of roast chicken there aren’t many leftovers.  I’m practically to the point where I need to roast two, so I can have one to eat and one pickin’ chicken to keep in the fridge).  The posole is definitely now one of them.

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2 Responses to Supper now, supper later this week

  1. hannahspector says:

    I was thinking about this on the treadmill (and I think that all you need to know about me is summed up in that fact: I think about chicken and rice on the treadmill) and I think you get better chicken and rice with less effort than the Cooking Light casserole with Grandmaw Peacock’s chicken and rice. You do not get the nostalgic “cream of” casserole taste that the CL casserole has, nor do you get the zucchini, but you can easily saute some zucchini to go on the side. And you can still toss in an extra set of chicken thighs if you want to make posole later in the week.

  2. tanulewicz says:

    Ha! We used our leftover chicken from last week’s chicken and rice in the jambalaya we had for supper on Sunday night. Have I told you my super lazy posole? I’ll saute some chopped onion in a smidge of vegetable oil, add some jarred salsa verde, some leftover chicken if I have it, and some hominy (sometimes I have that in the freezer if I’ve cooked a pound of dry hominy and had some leftover from whatever I cooked it for in the first place), add some chicken stock, simmer for a minute, and yum! Fast, easy lunch.

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