Cold Brew Iced Coffee

It is perhaps Alanis-ironic, if not ironic-ironic, to start a blog about meals that freeze with something that is a)not a meal and b)not frozen, although it is at least served over ice.  But I know Teri and I will be unable to shut up about this iced coffee anyway (as our Facebook friends well know) so what better place to start? Besides, if you are as frazzled as we are, you need this iced coffee to keep you going.

You should try this even if you don’t think you like iced coffee. ESPECIALLY if you don’t think you like iced coffee. I was in that camp and as it turns out, I had just only had yucky, hot brewed iced coffee.  Also, you should just set up a day- Sunday night, say- where you  brew it, and then have a whole pitcher of concentrate to get you through your week.

My method is pretty much like the article- I dump a half can of Trader Joe’s coffee with chicory into a big glass mixing bowl and cover with 6 cups cold water.  In the morning, I set a jadeite pancake mixing bowl (you can use anything, but I like the bowl with the spout for easy pouring) in my sink, balance a fine mesh strainer lined w/a coffee filter over it, and dump the bowl out. Once strained, pour the coffee concentrate into a pitcher and keep in your fridge.  Serve as needed with plenty, and I mean plenty, of milk.

Also, once I accidentally added half and half instead of milk and while you’d think that would be decadent and delicious, it’s far, far too rich. Stick with milk.

Mother's Little Helper

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